Sunday, November 14, 2010

Simple 简简单单 ...

Simple things are sometimes the best things in life ...

Un-interesting beauty before blossom ...

Forgotten leaves that shines in light and hides in darkness ...

Un-noticed corners of a bamboo garden ...

These shots were taken at a little small garden of a temple called the "Po Ling" Temple, just 200 metres from KLCC. When you get down the LRT at KLCC, turn right and walk along the main road towards Ampang Park; you will walk past an un-assuming Chinese Temple but the interiors are of grandeur with a beautiful little pond of Lotus flower and Bamboo garden.

Don't forget to savor the vegetarian dishes if you happen to be there during lunch time if you can bare with the long queue ...


Remi said...

Oh great pictures, your giving me a summer feeling .. nice .. :)

Joop Zand said...

Lovely..... good work Wong.

Have a nice sunday.

Greetings, Joop

Claudia said...


Have a lovely Sunday!

Ángel said...

La primera es muy buena, belleza natural.
Un abrazo

Life Ramblings said...

simplicity is beautiful. :)

Traveling Hawk said...

Very sensitive photos, Wong! You are a real poet of the image :)

siberja said...

your photos are little poems.. :)

Jesús Garrido said...

Que bellas fotografías amigo, muchas felicidades.

Patrick Lucas said...

Good graphik work Mr Wong !!
Good day

Black Face Sheep said...

Yes, the simplest thing is the most beautiful, I agree.'s really difficult to take picture simply...:-)
These images are really nice...Simple but very tasty shots!

Ernesto y Felisa said...

So sutil, so good images... congratulations!!!

Carolina Tavares said...

Especially liked the first picture. Promise of life. Hope.

Jolie said...

the simple life


Birdman said...

Simplicity always hold the key to just about anything.

Mahon said...

I like the first photo, the angle very good and the detail of the end of the petals is gorgeous !
I also like the light on the second picture, a very good work ! :))

Bye !!

Joanne said...

Yes they are:))

Andri Alba said...

Bellas fotografías.

Un saludo,



De toute chose, il faut chercher la lumière. Cela semble être ta démarche d'artiste et c'est ce qui rend ton travail très intéressant.


Randy said...

What wonderful things you find in nature.

Scott said...

Very nice shots, each one. Glad I stopped by to partake of the peace and beauty.

Anne Ueland said...

So beautiful images of the nature, like it a lot, well done :)

Bob Bushell said...

Simple and beautiful.

teca said...

Lovely shots, honey!

Thank you!

A great week!


Tommy Andre Nekkoy said...

I love all your flower photos, included these - Well done

José Ramón said...

The first picture I love
Thanks for your visit and comment

A cordial greeting ...
Abstract texts and reflection.

UIFPW08 said...

Best shots

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