Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tree of life 生命之树 ...

Took some time alone on a Saturday morning driving back to Nature ....

I think sometimes it is good to be away from the city ....

from your colleagues and friends ...

and maybe your wife and children too ...

That is what exactly I did on a Saturday morning, driving alone away from the 
city of Kuala Lumpur to an outskirt small town 
called Ulu Yam (乌鲁雪兰莪) just about an hour or less from the bustling city of KL.

The entire driving took me 3 hours with just a single photo shot of these trees ....
I did more thinking then shooting today ! 


'Vasfiye Karoğlu../ Photographer said...



Dejemonos sorprender said...

Beautiful pictures of these trees.. they have a interesting form.. i liked..

Carolina Tavares said...

It's very good to drive without worrying about a road that is so beautiful, on a beautiful day. It's therapeutic.

Cloudia said...

sounds like a wise and excellent day, Sage!

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral



Mama-Bug said...

Wonderful shots Wong. Trees just seem to take on a character of their own and no two are ever alike. What kind of trees are they?

Nurr Kasih said...

Tenang..back to nature..

Olivier said...

un bel arbre avec une belle coupe ;)

T. Becque said...

Sounds like a really good day! :) And you got 3 great shots out of it too.

Levonne said...

I really like that third shot. And you're right. Sometimes we just need some time to ourselves to think. Good you got some time to yourself.

MTO Photography said...

Perfect. I like you tree of life:)
It is so different from the weather here. We have -15 degrees today and alot of snow.
Have a wonderful day!/Maria

Erika said...

Very nice pictures!
I like this tree.

Life Ramblings said...

everyone needs some solitude at times. glad you were able to find a moment's peace. :)

Andras said...

Amazing, very good shot and beautiful, i like it !!!

Ángel said...

Una belleza de árbol.
Cordiales saludos

Joop Zand said...

BEAUTIFUL trees..... nice pictures Wong.

Regards, Joop

Hemera said...


Traveling Hawk said...

Nice! It makes you think life is a continuum.

Rizalenio said...

Glad to find your site. I'll be in KL this weekend. Hope to see sceneries like this.

Black Face Sheep said...

Oh, very photogenic tree!
If I were you, I would do same thing...
I would park my car to take pictures of this tree!
Well done!

Bitch said...

Very strange trees!
I suppose it was a happy Saturday for you!
To be alone with your camera, what a day, Wong!

ρομπερτ said...

oh, would you please allow me to get lock into one of the pictures ?! obtaining this 'strength of life' as well.

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