Monday, April 25, 2011

Is it true that duck meat is not good for high blood pressure 难道鸭肉不适合高血压的人 ...

I had a good dose of duck meat for 
lunch just now ...

I am constantly forced to think about what
I eat or drink everyday,
but today I ignore my conscience
and go for it ...

Honestly, I never regretted it ...

my duck rice 我的鸭饭 ...

my duck rice 我的鸭饭 ...

my duck rice 我的鸭饭 ...

my duck rice 我的鸭饭 ...

It is common knowledge that
salt and alcohol are bad for the high-blood pressure ...

The main reason why duck meat is to be avoided
is because it is usually contains more fat then
chicken or even turkey, or is it ?
then again, we never know what the mass-produced
chicken or turkey was fed with.

Or, are fish really safe given the pollution and
whatever is now in the sea ...


C.Y. said...


Stefanodav said...

Interesting food
Very nice sequence
Great shot composition


May said...

I am trying really hard becoming a vegetarian since seeing my dog's intestine
and now U made it harder for me to continue as a vegetarian

I'm so sorry to hear bout ur bad experince with Old China Cafe, I have heard couple of locals complaning before. well do check out their sis's restaurant at Central Market - Precious Old China Restaurant. I bought their discount voucher

and would like to check that place out soon.. hopefully this restaurant would be friendlier

Ángel said...

Muy apetitoso, exquisitas fotografías.
Cordiales saludos


Dan ganas de comerselo, huele hasta bien.
Un saludo

Angela Häring-Christen said...

In Switzerland we say:
"All is poison and nothing is poison, the quantity is important."
Enjoy your live.

Laura.M said...

Ver esto a la hora de comer abre el apetito Wong!!
Tiene una pinta estupenda....'Enjoy your meal'

Scott said...

I have eaten almost no duck in my life, but I will say your shots of it were well done.

Life Ramblings said...

with age catching up, i try to avoid fatty meats but at times, delicious temptations are impossible to resist. glad you enjoyed your meal.

Carolina Tavares said...

The issue is complicated meat, especially red meat that is not recommended for health.

Costea said...

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