Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Imperfect work 不完美 ...

Imperfect shot for a Perfect scene ...
(from within the dirty locked windows of a hotel looking out)  
I don't complain about the conditions given
and enjoyed every moment 
of the scene 
the process 
of photographing it
To me, 
everyone has the right to say what is  
perfect or imperfect 
in the realm of art?
imperfect shot 
has it's place 
perhaps only in myself 
as I was there making the shot
there teach me more
what I can or cannot do 
with photography 

Genting Highlands 云顶高原 ...

Genting Highlands 云顶高原


Olga said...

What beautiful views you have there. Truly uplifting and exquisite. Breathtaking image!

Randy said...

What an amazing view!

Cloudia said...

All but the divine is less than perfect.
You show the perfection of place with art!

Aloha from Waikiki :)

Comfort Spiral




Olivier said...

sublime ce paysage, si zen, si tranquille...tres belle photo

Carolina Tavares said...

The altitude at which the photo was taken gives this range of vision from the top. For me, the picture is perfect not only their point of view that was experiencing the moment and taking place within a window as a screen, as though he sees the scene depicted in the photo.

Halina said...

Wow! What a beautiful view... :)

Laura~DancesWithTeddyBears said...

If our work was perfect, there'd be no reason for improvement, with nothing more to achieve.
This is a beautiful image, Wong!

pharaonx said...

beautiful view.
from my point of view, my experience always comes first and then pictures.