Friday, June 3, 2011

Learn to cry like a baby 推开静心的大门 ...

Dong Zen Temple, Jenjarom 
佛光山东禅寺 ...

意思就是把心静下来 !

You may be surprise, 
we must go back to 
cry like a baby 
as an adults cry
is full of worry and sorrow 
but a babies cry 
is full of innocence and freedom
We are all born with 
an inner peace in our 
hearts, minds, and soul
when a little child
roams freely with joy and without worries
that is inner peace 
Open the door of your heart to inner peace
the first step of inner peace
is to learn to 
roam again freely with joy and without worries 
just like when we were young 

Dong Zen Temple, Jenjarom 佛光山东禅寺 ...


Olga said...

I enjoyed so much viewing this BW photo. You brought me into a poetic world for a moment. I love these words -...
as an adults cry
is full of worry and sorrow
but a babies cry
is full of innocence and freedom

BrandNewStudio said...


Randy said...

Stunning and very thought provoking.

Olivier said...

tres belle sculpture

Bob Bushell said...

The sculpture is wonderful, and brilliant photo.

Traveling Hawk said...

Powerful image, impressive!

Have a nice day, Wong!

Laura.M said...

Ojalá pudieramos volver a ser niños Wong.
Precioso poema y bonita imagén!!

mendozada bloqueado, no coment.
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Nice shot for a excelent poem. Well done.

Greetings Wong.

Stefanodav said...

I love this one shot & poem


Rui Pires said...

As always, wonderful photos!

I really like this photo!

Thanks Wong.

OLHAR D'OURO from Portugal

Nordis said...

Nice picture and very wise words.
Have a nice weekend.
Greetings Nordis.

Rob and Mandy said...

Love this shot!

AB said...

Great contrast between foreground and background.

Costea said...