Wednesday, June 15, 2011

See things the Same Way 同样的看法 ...

The World 
will certainly
be a better place
we all see things
the same way

Genting First World Indoor Theme Park 云顶第一世界室内主题公园

Genting First World Indoor Theme Park
Genting Highlands
云顶高原 ...


Dawn said...

In some ways this would be ideal.
In other ways...our world might be a bit boring.

Variety is the spice of life....but sure would be nice if we all were on the same page!
Nice photo:)

Remi said...

Cool picture .. :)

Erika said...

Nice picture. I like the blue hat on the second line.I'm in accord with you.
Ciao Wong!


I agree Wong. Perfect.

BERMAXO said...

Perfecto amigo wong saludos

csj said...

Condivido pienamente il tuo pensiero!!!

Birdman said...

I definitely see things in different ways, and I like that. hahaha

Isabel said...

Mi adecuada la foto con tus palabras Wong!! See you!

Cloudia said...

Americans believe that it is the dynamic of debate that makes progress, we fear forced unanimity, BUT I agree that pulling together is important and do see China's advantage in planning. I long for unity among my countrymen, but will defend even those I disagree with.
We need to agree all over the world- people FIRST!

Aloha from Waikiki :)

Comfort Spiral




C.D. said...

Es muy difícil fijarse en cada uno de los sombreros siendo, como son, los maniquíes todos tan iguales.
Una foto muy original.

Un saludo.