Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Innocence 无辜 ...

When my daughter was about six years old, 
she asked me one day what I did at work. 
I told her I worked at the college - 
that my job was to teach people how to use a computer. 
She stared at me in disbelief, and said, 
"You mean they forget?"

It's all in the smile ...

She wanted to be photographed ...

Jalan Yan Tuan
Seremban 芙蓉 ...


Giga said...

Miała rację - zapominają.Śliczne zdjęcia uroczej dziewczynki. Pozdrawiam

Olivier said...

bravo, deux tres beaux portrait de cette petite fille

George said...

What a cutie pie! And clever as well.

Erika said...

Very clever your daughter, Wong!!!
Very very beautiful and likeable this little girl!!!
Enjoy your day!

Mama-Bug said...

What a beautiful little girl! So precious!

Farmchick said...

A sweet young lady.

Jorge Muñoz said...

That's a really clever daughter you have. My children are always surprising me. They are such joy.

Randy said...

What lovely photographs.

Ursus said...

very beautiful these two pictures ... The first picture is my favorit with this expression on the face of the girl

Angela Häring-Christen said...

Sweet little girl.
Nice pictures.

smalldot said...

cute little girl :)


the art to speak with your peaople to photgraph by MR wong

Chinatours said...

Interesting words, I think only kids can give such unexpected happiness and joy, her eyes is that bright.

Laura~Pretty Pix said...


Joop Zand said...

she's so cute.......Lovely little girl.

Laura.M said...

The innocence of a child, a great truth!
A very happy girl!
Greetings. Laura

Cassy said...

Hi cutie! Your daughter is pretty.

Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Software

Matt said...

Beautiful shots Wong!
Innocence is a gift... indeed.

Carolina Tavares said...

Children are a delight, as they say and the way of being.

maia said...

Wong, i like your blog.
I have a surprise for you on my blog.

Bitch said...

You have a very pretty and very clever daughter.
Thank you for introducing her, dear Wong!!!

Ken Mac said...

you have a talent for portraits!

veredit said...

It is not only incredibly pretty but also very, very smart! Adorable! wonderful portraits!!

darlin said...

That comment from your daughter made me laugh out loud! That's way to precious. She sure is an adorable child, bright as well! Your photos of her are wonderful, I love how you captured her laughing and in the second photo her beautiful brown eyes really caught my attention! Have a wonderful day!

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