Wednesday, August 29, 2012

When to let go 何时放手 ...

Letting go your child does not mean 
you don't care about them anymore, 
and maybe 
The sooner you treat your son as a man, 
the sooner he will be one, 
but the question is 
when is the right time to let go

Chi Lin Nunnery 志蓮靜苑 ...

Chi Lin Nunnery
Diamond Hill, Hong Kong 
鑽石山志蓮靜苑,  香港


CLICK CLICK... said...

Time... flowing like a river.

Rob Mandy said...

Or maybe you want to go back in time...

Bob Bushell said...

Beautiful little guy and the bigger guy is upset!!!!!!!!

TexWisGirl said...

what a great image!

Jose Ignacio Pardo (Luces Personales) said...

I love the photo, I have two children, one aged 16 and the girl 13. I think I'll never get used to them go. Although they become men and women they will always be our children.

Mamabug said...

Wonderful photo that needs no words.

Robert Geiss said...

Yes. Our son wants to play now at the playground on his own, me sitting on the bench. Took me a day or two to get used to it.

Please have a wonderful Wednesday.

Randy said...

Wonderful photograph and post.

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Nice photo and good topic. It's difficult, I don't think there is any single moment where the letting go is done. Rather it happens over many years, gradually loosening the grip..

Arnaud said...

Letting go doesn't mean not keeping an eye on him or her. :-)

Cloudia said...

This is a masterpiece!!!

Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
> < } } ( ° >

andrey salikov said...

great image!

s.c said...

Nice picture although a little flat. Perhaps a crop from the middle of a photo. Still it express your comment well.

George said...

This is a marvelous photo. I like the look on the father's face. I think he's trying to will his son safely down the steps.

Digi-Irma said...

Beautiful photo of the little boy, well done.
Greetings Irma

Traveling Hawk said...

Exceptional photo! Yes, it is difficult to let go. What we have, we tend to keep and this is not always wise.

UIFPW08 said...

Amazing clic..

Anonymous said...

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