Sunday, September 16, 2012

Durian Recipe 榴莲食谱 ...

Durian, a native fruit 
and not everyone agree with it's Strong Odor, 
I like it as a fruit, even ice cream, or cake 
as a creamy sauce on meat with rice, 
it was very tough for me

Durian Pork Ribs Rice ...

Durian Pork Ribs Rice at Next Stop IOI Mall, Puchong

Can you imagine the fruit used for the sauce of the dish above,
see Below the Durian Fruit

Durian ...

Durian ...

Durian at SS2


Rob Mandy said...

Durian??? No thanks!!!

Madge Bloom said...

Your second image is superb... the texture, shape and color is wonderful!

Cloudia said...

Durian is for sale in Honolulu, and I have heard of those other recipes, but NOT on hot meat dish! A new one on me. Thank you.

Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

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Laura.M said...

Good lunch!
I do not know who are the Durian
a hug.

darlin said...

I've never even seen one of these types of fruit, but I'll take your word for it not to try it as a meat sauce. It looks rather interesting I must say.