Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Looking back 2012 July-Dec 回头看2012七月至十二月 ...

Happy New Year 2013

Hong Kong at Night ...

July 2012
Hong Kong at Night  

Silwermind Bay 銀礦灣沙灘 ...

August 2012
Silwermind Bay, Hong Kong 銀礦灣沙灘

The Star Motor Carnival 2012 ...

September 2012
The Star Motor Carnival 2012

 Rain every night in KL 每晚都下着雨,吉隆坡 ...

October 2012 
Pavilion at Night 

Yeliou Geo Park 野柳地質公園 ...

November 2012
Yeliou Geo Park, Taiwan 野柳地質公園 

Comic Fiesta 2012 漫画嘉年华

December 2012
Comic Fiesta 2012 漫画嘉年华


Angela Häring-Christen said...

Dear Wong
I wish you a happy New Year.
Thank you for sharing us your thoughts and photos. I like your blog very much.
Greetings from Switzerland

ADRIAN said...

Not your New Year Wong. A great round up. I love the Dino..not a real Ferrari but a wonderful car.

Bil Sot said...

My professor,

I wish you a healthy new year
first of all!!!


Laura. M said...

I wish you a good year 2013, Wong!
And we continue to share good times :))
A big hug friend, until next year.

George said...

I hope you have a wonderful 2013 filled with many photographic opportunities.

Carolina Tavares said...


Spectacular images. A Happy New Year to you and your family.


Doug Hickok said...

Fantastic collection! And a very happy and prosperous New Year to you and your family Wong :^) (It is tomorrow and 2013 where you are, but it is still yesterday and 2012 here where I am typing... ha, isn't the concept of time a little weird?)

Adam said...

happy new years, have a great 2013

Randy said...

Wonderful flashback. Happy New Year.

A Lady's Life said...

Happy New Year Mr Wong.
Life in pictures So much to remember. :)

Thérèse said...

A nice mix between city, shopping and sea side...
Have a very nice New Year 2013!

andrey salikov said...

Happy New Year! C Новым Годом!

cquek said...

Can you believe another year has passed? Time can be so funny; at times, dragging on, but so often, speeding by and we barely have time to catch our breath. I hope this New Year’s Eve is filled with love and laughter, relaxation and joy.

bonnie_blog said...

Great blog! Love it!

I`m your follower now,
and I`ll be so happy if you follow me too:-)

Happy New Year!!!



Arnaud said...

I really like the July and November ones.
Happy new year !

Audrey said...

tres bonne annee !

Nurr Kasih said...

happy new year 2013

Urbanmanbas said...

Happy New Year! fantastic collection...


fotonita said...

Happy New Year!
Hilsen Anita

Giga said...

Wspaniałe zdjęcia na pierwszy dzień nowego roku. Życzę, żeby cały rok był szczęśliwy dla Ciebie.
Great photos on the first day of the new year. I wish that the whole year was lucky for you.

Traveling Hawk said...

Happy New Year, Wong!

Another wonderful series of which I favour October.

Neo said...

Wong ! Wonderful Happy New Year to You !

darlin said...

Wong thank you for sharing your words of wisdom and magnificent photos with all of us throughout this past year. You're an amazing man with deep insight and I learn so much from you.

I wish you a rich and blessed year! Do you celebrate your New Years in February?

Julia said...

Enjoyed looking at your Lookback at Year 2012. Thanks for visiting my blog, Julia:Sketching Life. I invite you to join and welcome your comments.

Julia Wickes

Sean said...

nice memories! here's wishing u many more nice memories to accumulate in 2013 :D

Oakland Daily Photo said...

The little August guy is a cutie pie. Happy New Year.

Melissa Cuentas said...

Great blog and photographs! :-)
Happy new year!!!


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