Saturday, March 30, 2013

有什麼區別 What's the difference ...

I mounted the 55-300 (DX) and 70-300 (FX) Lens 
on the D7000 and zoomed to 300mm,
was I supposed to get a 1.5X on the FX Lens 
which the 70-300 FX Lens should go up to 450mm
my conclusion it was the same, 
cannot see any difference 

Nikkor 55-300mm at 300mm

Nikkor 55-300 f4.5-5.6 (DX Lens) on the D7000
ISO 500 1/400 at f5.6 at 300mm

Nikkor 70-300mm at 300mm 

Nikkor 70-300 f4.5-5.6 (FX Lens) on the D7000
ISO 500 1/400 at f5.6 at 300mm


Theanne said...

I don't see any significant difference fantastic that you understand all this

I'm still groveling around in Point and Shoot 101 :D

Hilde said...

I think the first photo is better,it has more color (the red color is better) and it is also a little bit sharper!
greetings, Hilde

Michelle said...

I have to say that the first photo looks better. The clarity (at least on my computer screen) also seems better. Beautiful shots, as always. You are a talented photographer.

Robert Geiss said...

I only own a 18 - 55.
Thank you for the inspirational picture.

Please have a good weekend ahead.

Nicki said...

The FX is for full-frame cameras (the D7000 is a crop) - but if you look close, you will notice slightly more content in the FX - more on each side. Subtle difference.

Adam said...

I don't see any difference