Thursday, January 2, 2014

波浪 Tiring Waves ...

When the ocean waves are tired, 
it's probably the end of the world

Teluk Kalong 德洛嘉隆

Teluk Kalong 德洛嘉隆 
Kemaman Terengganu 丁加奴州甘馬挽 


martinealison said...


Une photo superbe !

Je voudrais que dans votre coeur règne le bonheur... Je vous envoie tous mes souhaits de joie, de rire et de désirs... Que cette année soit très belle.

Gros bisous à vous.

Cloudia said...


from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

s.c said...

I had more the idea when waves turn into stone then the world will end. But beautiful shot again.

Costea said...

It whirling ocean. He brings worries of the past and the future spar.

Adam said...

the ocean has the greatest strength on Earth

kwarkito said...

Wonderful pictures ... I like them