Sunday, February 16, 2014

远离拍摄人物一段时间 Away from Photographing People for awhile ...

I have been photographing only animals and insects 
for the past 3 weeks, 
it was peace and quiet, 
my long leave from work for 45 days now 
comes to end today, 
I am starting my lectures tomorrow 

KL Butterfly Park

KL Butterfly Park


Marco Luyken said...

What a great shot. Nice pose on that leaf.
What a big eyes...!!

Best regards,

Traveling Hawk said...

I am glad you have recovered well, Wong! The dragon fly here is very gracious. Have a nice Sunday!

Flo de Sendai said...


Adam said...

nice dragonfly

Filip and Kristel said...

Good for you, 45 days is a long holiday period.


The Yum List said...

Wow, the insect world is truly amazing.

Michelle said...

Fantastic detail on the wing. Bravo

Cloudia said...

You are matchless!

Best in the new term, Scholar

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

=^..^= <3

Randy said...

The detail in this shot is amazing.