Saturday, January 17, 2015

树屋 Tree House ...

In 1982, I was Freshman in a College in United States, 
a young white man asked me 
whether we still live in Tree Houses, 
I told him of course all of us in Malaysia 
live in Tree Houses 

關丹柏色拉漁村 Beserah Fishing Village

關丹柏色拉漁村 Beserah Fishing Village 
關丹 Kuantan 
Nikon D7000 55-300mm VRII 
ISO 1000 f6.3 @ 1/800


Thérèse said...

The answer and the image couldn't be better chosen. I, too, lived in a tree house and I still miss it.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I always wanted to live in a tree house, and now there is a new television program in the States called Tree House Masters and the houses are literally works of architectural works of art.
Wonderful picture Wong....carefree days are the best.

Hilde said...

lovely story, lovely kids, lovely pictures!

Filip and Kristel said...

Some people can be naive.


Nicki said...

and hopefully now he knows (or maybe not!). [not going to judge as I have no doubt I have asked my share of insensitive and stupid questions over the years- perhaps (and hopefully) not this far out in left field, but stupid none-the-less.] Fun picture.