Thursday, June 11, 2015

我是极少数的那些 I am the very few ...

To photograph on the same streets and city 
is really not easy and most times can be frustrating, 
but I am perhaps those few who still does that 
in our city of KL for many years, 
most people would think that I am crazy; 
and just maybe I am a little crazy.

收工了 Expired

KL China Town 
OMD EM1 m.zuiko 75mm
ISO 320 f1.8 @ 1/400


Karen S. said...

Just a bit lost, but so able to be whole again! I see with a bit of work, wheels and a tune up will make all the difference!

Cloudia said...

You are wise!

ALOHA from Honolulu,

darlin said...

Not at all crazy, you view things differently than most people and you have an eye which captures what many others see past. This I view as a gift.

Randy said...

True words, nice photo.

s.c said...

The moving of city life gives you the opportunity to find new things daily to photograph and I like that to see.

whiteangel said...

Someone has to take street photos, so you can see the difference over the years, plus we your audience can see what you see.

Helma said...

I do not think you're crazy. You're not crazy! You show what you see on the street and what happened there :-)
Just continue to do so.
Greetings, Helma