Wednesday, July 8, 2015

信箱 Mail Box and EMail Box ...

We check our email inbox daily, 
and today we only check our mail box 
for bills, and official correspondence

China Town, Kuala Terengganu  瓜拉丁加奴唐人街

China Town, Kuala Terengganu  瓜拉丁加奴唐人街 
Nikon D7000 Nikkor 18-105
ISO 800 f6.3 @ 1/125


Karen S. said...

Yep, not much arrives in our post box as well! It's all electronic these days.

Cloudia said...


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s.c said...

Nice minimal color composition. I like it.

whiteangel said...

Simple things often make the nicest of photos..

CQUEK said...

i like that mail box.. very hard to find it nowadays.