Sunday, April 17, 2016

梦想成为一名建筑师 Dreaming of becoming an Architect ...

My dream of becoming an Architect since high school, 
It never did happened
as after I finished first year 
Architectural school, 
and at that time,
due to
both my mental breakdowns and
 my father's business 
went into financial crisis.
I had to work and study to support my
remaining years in college and 
painfully I switched to an easier major.

Since then, I have always wondered 
if I could have been a great Architect.
And the thought of the possibilities 
still haunts me from time to time.

When my Son told me he wanted to
enroll in Architectural School last year,
I was elated.
I guess he was influenced by all those
years when he was growing up
watching me making many
architectural sketches
and perhaps wanted to complete
what I wished to be,
for me. 

For whatever reason, when
my Son graduated from high school
end of last year,
and he then decided instead
to pursue an Accounting career,
I felt a little disappointed but
I never did told him about it.
I wished him well and told him
I will support his choice of studies. 

It is perhaps one of those 
'not meant to be' things in my life.

So, looks like those thoughts of becoming an Architect 
will likely and forever remain in my dreams,
but only in my dreams.

St. John Cathedral

St.John Cathedral
Den Bosh, Netherlands
Olympus OMD EM1 m.zuiko 12-40 
ISO 100 f2.8 @ 1/200


s.c said...

I have done that path to architect and I tell you the reality is always different from what you thought. First 99 percent transpiration and then 1 percent inspiration. When you have thought something out prepare that everyone then is falling over it. If you can take that and are prepared you will make it.

Andy said...

I like this photo. You were thinking outside of the box when you composed it.
PS: Count me in as someone who also had dreams that never came true.

Margaret-whiteangel said...

Beautiful photo.
Things don't always turn out as you wish - makes you stronger if they don't and gives you something to dream about in coming years :)
I am fortunate, I did my dream and loved every moment of it. I still have dreams of beautiful things in life.