Wednesday, April 20, 2016

名字好玩 Making fun of names ...

my Chinese name 
is 黄清华 
黄 is "Yellow" in Mandarin
清 sounds like "Green" in Mandarin
 清华 sounds like "Frog" in Mandarin
So, growing up, kids make fun of my name
"Yellow Frog" or "Yellow Green Frog"
I did not mind then 
an do not mind now;
so, from now on
you can call me Yellow Frog

KL Butterfly park

Butterfly park, KL
Olympus OMD EM5 m.zuiko 60mm
ISO 2000 f7.1 @ 1/250


Bill said...

A fine looking fellow--- Incredible shot.

Stefan Jansson said...

Hello there yellow frog. You took a nice photo of the frog.

Cloudia said...

How lucky Golden Frog!

Michelle said...

I see you there, Yellow Frog.