Monday, May 16, 2016

残忍对待西兰花 Cruelty to Broccoli ...



Cruelty is an act of purposely 
inflicting pain or suffering to others,
and feelings of no conscience about it at all. 
It is very cruel indeed.

I believe everyone has eaten a broccoli before 
and we have no idea
what we've done to an innocent green thing.

Let's picture about it.
When you think of a broccoli, 
what comes to your mind ?
A midget tree; 
and when you think of a tree,
a family tree naturally come to one's mind.
So this indirectly concludes 
that every broccoli does have a family.
And we are eating the broccoli's family members 
in front of them. 
Alive , sometimes served with sauce.

Let me ask you something.
Do you have any idea how to cook a broccoli ?
First, you pluck off their disabled family members
and you cut off a part of their legs.
By then , they start to bleed green blood, and
please be aware that we do not practice euthanasia
in our country as it is illegal.
In this case, broccoli's too have religion,
and the God of brocolli forbids 
the practice of euthanasia as well.

After that, you give them 
a final bath and massage.

You will likely chop their family members apart and
throw all of them into a pot of boiling water.

So we happily wait for them to be cooked, 
and if we are efficient, 
we will use this waiting time to
 torture other species.
Do not let me start again on how to 
prepare carrots and cucumbers.
There are the next cruel things which 
I can write another story about them.

After about 5-10 minutes, the broccoli's
are paralyzed, but still alive or should I say
in a vegetative state.
We then serve the broccoli in our favorite sauce
while they bath in their own blood.
We seem to like serving them 
in a very beautiful death bed
which what we, humans call 
a plate,
together with other species.

Delightfully, we take a fork and a knife to
slowly tease the brocolli and say
'Wow, it looks delicious! '.
And then we slowly 'saw' their family members
with the knife
in front of them,
and then we chew them slowly.

If we are humane enough, we swallow them.
If not, we spit them out as
not everyone likes broccoli.
So, the brocolli witnessed it's brothers and sisters 
crushed and chewed bodies with very mushy appearance 
lying next to them .
But the brocolli cannot do or say anything 
because they are after all,
Just a Broccoli. 

Broccoli's do not have Broccoli Rights 
unlike we, humans have human rights. 
Therefore, we must be sympathetic 
towards the act of abuse to broccoli's. 
I urge everyone to stand up and
support Broccoli rights.

  (Authored by Wong Wei Hoe 15.05.2016)

Cruelty yo Broccoli

Subang Aeon 2016
Samsung Note 3


Margaret-whiteangel said...

How beautiful are those words. Very clever for you to write like that.
And yes, we eat broccoli and love it.

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