Saturday, December 10, 2016

凡人的观点 Motral views ...

If this drawing were the creation of a Young Child
many would applause
and Praise the child
and perhaps declare of the childs artistic talents 

If this drawing were the creation of a Master
the Art critics will explain about the
fine composition with perfect strokes and how
well the Artist balanced all the object

If this drawing were said to be created 
by an ordinary adult person or by froggy
many would likely say its Naive
some would even say the 'artist' is 
sick and needs psychiatry treatment

We are all guilty of being
obsessed with our 
own viewpoints and perspectives
and quickly make judgement
about others 

Exhibits at the Rainbow Museum

Exhibits at the Rainbow Museum
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Karen S. said...

Very interesting photo!

Bill said...

I suppose one could make a case for any of those, but I'll stay with the first two.... I like it. The face reminds me of some Northwest Indigenous art, and the big blue thing reminds me of one of their whales. Doesn't matter. The shapes and colors are pleasing to me.

Margaret-whiteangel said...

Strange art often they win 1st prize. It's a matter of taste.