Saturday, December 3, 2016

每个人都故事 Our life stories ...

Once I was 6 years old
the world was "warmer" then
and I was excited about everything
and soon I will be 60 years old
the world is "colder" now
and I am tired of everything

枯山水 Zen Garden @ 佛光山 东禅寺

枯山水 Zen Garden @ 佛光山 东禅寺
Samsung S7 Edge


Bill said...

I love the way the little green fellow is finding his way...

I thought I was tired of things until now-- when the Orange Clown threatens to take them away.

Margaret-whiteangel said...

What is that green 'thing'?
At the age of 60 one shouldn't feel tired of everything - are you ok?