Monday, January 2, 2017

十六年 I cannot be 16 years younger ...

Walking with Pain in the knee for 5km,
for many moments I wished to be 16 years younger;
the almost 60 minutes walk gave me time
to reflect on so much that had happened this year.
For many months I tried to feel 16 years younger
but that's just not right on a 52 years old body.
Yet so much right things had happened in a year,
it was just that the timing was all wrong.

KL Jan 1 2017 International Run

KL Jan 1 2017 International Run
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Karen S. said...

What a wonderful reflection!

Bill said...

I agree--- a wonderful reflection. As for your words: It gets worse. But the soul can stay young even while the body ages. At least I hope so.

Margaret-whiteangel said...

Awesome reflection.
You also thinking back - hope this year will be much improved and it's pleasing you are remembering the good things.
We all get older and can't do what we once could do - it's the matter of accepting, and I expect you have.